Shieldmaiden, Trekker, OUAT, Outlander

Demelza CAL

I’ve loved doing this CAL, but man joining is a pain!! But hey look at those 3D flowers! Who knew I could do that!! Lol

Very pretty!

The centre piece! 

Must finish the border though…….

PS: waiting for Poldark to start up again!!


Pop Funko!

Well my bestie started me off with lil Ragnar and I’ve been randomly adding from my fav shows ever since!

(Rumple is my fav!) 


PS: hurry up Vikings!! Lol

Whilst waiting for post…. In my Trek bubble (again!)…. 

Thinking of ma bestie still, big hugs B! 

Looking forward to spring, this coldness makes me want to hibernate even more than usual!

Ma little lady didn’t bring her school jumper home yesterday and didn’t want to get a cardigan, got rather upset at the change…..  

Well, back to ma Goat Story mug coffee…..


Goat Story Mug!

Wow! I have my grande Goat Story mug and I’m blown away! It’s stunning!! 


It came well packed, easy to wash, and keeps coffee warm.

I practically ran to the door when the postie knocked! Well worth waiting for this Kickstarter project!  

The sleeve serves two purposes very well, as a stand and as a protective layer so not to get scolded when holding. The cup itself is dishwasher proof, but not the sleeve or strap. Not microwaveable.

Tested to check its leak proof, very handy as I’m a clumsy clot lol. 

The strap is great for transporting combined with leak proof so you’re hands free when you’re out and about. With the grande comes the keyring earphone holder, rather handy for those like me who have my earphones in my bag getting tangled with my keys! Haha!

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#goatstory #goatmug #coffeemug 

*photos are my own* 


How long has it been since I’ve logged on!! A lot has happened. It’s been just about two and a half years since I moved after 11 years on the waiting list (I know of some waiting longer), my eldest is fast approaching 14 years old, my youngest is 10 now and both are going on the new EHCP. Was worried when I first heard about it, but after info, works out much better.

Relearned knitting, learnt new crochet patterns, got addicted to Vikings, Outlander, Jessica Jones and Once Upon A Time! Robert Carlyle rocks Rumple! 

And……. Quit smoking over 18 months ago! 

We also have a Guinea pig called Jackson and a cat called Chocolatey! Haha. 


Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

Ma Munchkin had play scheme today, so ma Autie Angel had a treat. We went to Morrisons, a rare trip shopping as she loves helping, especially picking out sports candy! She had lunch in the cafe. Thoroughly enjoyed herself!


Saturday 30th March 2013

Ma Angel has been in a very giggly mood. Ma Munchkin has been a chatterbox, and I feel lousy with bronchitis, wishing I take them somewhere. Munchkin bless her, has been giving loads of hugs.

Blanket going brill, though too tired to crochet any more today…..

Meeting for ma Angels’ AR went really well, was good to have the autism provision manager there too. Play scheme days still haven’t come through yet….

All in all, a calm day….